Current  concepts in the management of diabetic nephropathy.
Chowdhury TA & Kumar S

Original article

Asymptomatic diabetic neuropathy in Al Ain.
Baba M, Sharma AK, Moussa NA & Townsend T



Measurement of insulin sensitivity with euglycaemic clamp technique: Methodolgical pitfalls.
Heise T, Rave K, Weyer C & Heinemann L


Diabetes Mellitus and the risk of perioperative infections.
Ferguson RK

Clinical Forum

Advocacy for optimal diabetes control
Nyomba BLG


Fifth Annual Workshop on Diabetes Mellitus.
2nd April 1998, Al Ain, UAE

Letters to Editor

Effect of ethanolic extract of ginger on hyperglycaemic rats.
Uma Bhandari & JK Grover