The role of insulin, glucagon, somatostatin, cholecystokinin, acetylcholine and nerve stimulation in the interactions between the endocrine and exocrine pancreas in normal and diabetic conditions in rats.
Singh J, Yago MD, Adeghate E

Original article

Relationship between type 2 (non-insulin dependent) diabetes mellitus and breast cancer.
Anim JT, Temim-Baker L, Sathar SA, Ibrahim-Baker H


Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion in patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus; effects on long-term glycaemic control, immunoreactive insulin and cardiovascular risk factors.
Siitonen O, Vanamo R, Helve J, Harkonen R, Kylliainen S, Knip M, Lahdenpera S, Taskinen M-R, Siitonen J


Clinical Forum

Insulin secretory response in adult offspring of diabetic parents
Goyal RK, Sharma MP, Jaisinghani S



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Diaa EE Rizk