ISSN No. 1606-7754                   Vol.10 No.1 April 2002

Correspondence to Authors

First line symptomatic therapy for painful diabetic neuropathy (PDN): A tricyclic antidepressant or gabapentin?

Professor Georg Petroianui,
Department of Pharmacology,
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences,
PO Box. 17666, UAE University,
Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Structure-function studies on enterostatin inhibition of insulin release

M Tadayyon,
Department of Vascular Biology,
GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals,
Harlow, CM19 5AD, UK,
Tel: +44 1279 631490, Fax: +44 1279 644976

Impact of new diagnostic criteria on the frequency of diabetes mellitus and prediabetic conditions

Engin Guney
Adnan Menderes University Medical Faculty,
Aydin, Turkey
Fax: +90 256 2120146

The prevalence and complications of urinary tract infections in women with gestational diabetes mellitus: Facts and fantasies

Dr.Diaa EE Rizk
Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences,
UAE University, Al Ain, UAE

Medicinal plants used in the treatment of diabetes in Morocco

Prof. Mohamed Bnouham
Laboratoire de Physiologie et Pharmacologie Cellulaire
Department de Biologie
Faculte des Sciences
Universitie Mohamed Premier
B.P. 524 - Oujda, Morocco
Fax: +212 56 500603

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