ISSN No. 1606-7754                   Vol.16 No.1  April 2008

Original articles

Susceptibility to insulin resistance in indigenous Australians may be down stream of resistin.
Good DA, Cardinal J, Ware RS, Marks L, Kesting JB, Chan LCK, Shaw JTE

Effects of Iloprost (A Prostacyclin Analogue) on the endothelial dysfunction and foot ulcers in diabetic patients with peripheral arterial disease
Sert M, Soydas B, Aikimbaev K, Tetiker T

Insulin concentration is the main predictor of leptin level: a homogenous type 2 diabetes cohort study in Taiwan
Hsu C-H, Lin S-C, Hwang K-C, Chou P, Ying-Li Liao

Higher pulse pressure, systolic arterial hypertension, duration of diabetes and family history of diabetes in Central Africans
Longo- Mbenza B, Nkondi Mbadi A Nsungu J, Mbungu Fuele S

Carbohydrate-food knowledge of Emirati and Omani adults with diabetes: Results of a pilot study
Ali HI, Bernsen RM, Taleb S, Al Azzani B

Beneficial effects of levo-carnitine on lipid metabolism and cardiac function in neonatal streptozotocin rat model of diabetes
Patel J, Goyal R, Bhatt P

Effect of rosmarinic acid on insulin sensitivity, glyoxalase system and oxidative events in liver of fructose-fed mice
Vanithadevi B, Anuradha CV