ISSN No. 1606-7754                   Vol.16 No.3  December 2008

Correspondence to Authors

Prevalence and risk factors of diabetes mellitus in Kinshasa Hinterland

Longo-Mbenza Benjamin
PO Box 56974 Arcadia 0007
Pretoria, South Africa

Effects of isotretinoin on bone turnover markers and bone mineral density in women with acne vulgaris and vitamin D deficiency: a preliminary study

Hussein Saadi
Associate Professor of Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
United Arab Emirates University
P O Box 17666, Al Ain
United Arab Emirates
Tel 97137672000
Fax 97137672995

Gender: does it have a role in bleeding time in Caucasians with well controlled type 2 diabetes?

Dr. D.E. Barre
Department of Health Studies
Cape Breton University
P.O. Box 5300
Sydney, Nova Scotia
B1P-6L2 Canada
Fax: (902) 563-1880

Anti-diabetic effect of Costus pictus leaves in normal and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Dr .Lazar Mathew
School of Biotechnology
Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
VIT University, Vellore- 632014

Hypoadiponectinemia in obese and diabetic subjects in the State of Qatar

Dr. Nasser Rizk
Department of Health Sciences
University of Qatar
2713-Doha, Qatar

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