ISSN No. 1606-7754                   Vol.17 No.1 April 2009

Original articles

Comparative effects of enarapril versus losartan on the prevention of diabetic nephropathy in type 2 diabetes patients with microalbuminuria.
Oguri M, Utsugi T, Ohyama Y, Nakamura T, Tomono S, and Kurabayashi M

Obesity profile in Turkey
Bagriacik N, Onat H , Ilhan B, Tarakci T, Oşar Z , Ozyazar M , Hatemi HH , Yildiz G

A survey amongst Complementary Alternative Medicine users with type 2 diabetes
Huri HZ, Lian GTP , Hussain S, Pendek R, Widodo RT

Oxidative stress in first degree relatives of type 2 diabetic patients
Rizvi SI, Srivastava N

Anti-hyperglycaemic activity of IND 01 and its interaction with glyburide and pioglitazone in alloxan induced diabetic mice.
Shitole PP, Badole SL, Bodhankar SL, Mohan V, Bhaskaran S

Effects of progressive resistance training and aerobic exercise on type 2 diabetics in Indian population.
Shenoy S, Arora E, Jaspal S