ISSN No. 1606-7754                   Vol.19 No.2 August 2011

Original articles

Screening for Diabetes is possible and should be based on autoantibody and genetic profiles
Grant P

Heritability of quantitative traits associated with type 2 diabetes in an extended family from the United Arab Emirates
Al Safar HS, Jamieson SE, Cordell HJ, Blackwell JM, Tay GK

Twelve-week resistance training decreases myostatin level and improves insulin sensitivity in overweight-obese women
Parastesh M, Saremi A

Dipeptidyl peptidase IV and adenosine deaminase inhibition by Armenian plants and antidiabetic drugs
Mardanyan S, Sharoyan S, Antonyan A, Zakaryan N

The effect of lifestyle practices on blood glucose levels and the development of diabetic complications in women diagnosed with type II diabetes mellitus in Guyana
Cummings E, Castang S , Persuad R , Defreitas1 A Adeghate E, Singh J